Rice Rotis or Akki Vottis

The Akki Votti or the Rice roti is the healthiest option of roti or Indian bread like the Phulkas. It is an all time favourite at breakfast and dinner time in Coorg.

Akki Vottis

Akki Vottis

To make the Akki Votti we need,
2 cups of cooked rice (the less the rice is polished the better it is)
Rice flour as needed
Salt to taste
To the rice, add salt and rice flour till the rice is well coated with the flour.

Rice mixed with rice flour

Rice mixed with rice flour

Next, pulse this mixture in a mixie/food processor till it resembles a paste. (usually takes a few seconds of pulsing)

Rice paste

Rice paste

Remove this mixture and knead it into a dough. Add a little rice flour at a time and mix it in till the mixture resembles a dough as shown in the picture below.

Rice dough

Rice dough

Now make balls of this mixture as shown and roll it out into rotis. If you find the edges to be uneven, you can use a round cutter to cut the edges (a round lid could come in handy!).

A ball of rice dough rolled into a roti

A ball of rice dough rolled into a roti

Now cook the rotis on a tava as shown and then directly on the flame to fluff it up.

Roast the rotis on a tava

Roast the rotis on a tava

Enjoy the rotis and the Bamboo shoot curry!


10 thoughts on “Rice Rotis or Akki Vottis

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    • Sure Mr. Bhatia.

      This is a recipe from Coorg and is called Akki Votti and not Roti. The Akki Roti is a different preparation from Karnataka.
      Do send me the link to the page where you intend using the picture.
      Best wishes
      Radha Ganapathy

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