Vegetable Pulav

Here’s a recipe for a Vegetable Pulav that is light and nutritious. This is a favorite dish and is enjoyed by everyone.

Vegetable Pulav

Vegetable Pulav

For this you’ll need,
1 cup basmati rice
¼ cup each peas, beans sliced and carrot diced
2 Medium sized tomatoes, chopped finely
1 Medium sized onion, chopped finely
1 Tej patta/Bay leaf, 1 clove, 1 cardamom, 1” piece cinnamon
½ tbsp. lime juice
½ cup oil
2 tbsp. ghee
1 ¾ cups of water
Salt to taste
Grind to a fine paste: 3 green chillies, 3 garlic cloves, 1/2” piece ginger, Coriander leaves, one small bunch; pudina, one handful; 3 tbsp grated coconut; 1 big onion (chopped); 1/2” piece cinnamon, 3 cloves, ½ tsp Fennel (saunf); 1 small green cardamom

To make the Vegetable Pulav,
Wash the rice and set aside.
In a thick bottomed vessel/cooker body, heat oil. Add cloves, cardamom, cinnamon and Tej patta and fry for a few seconds. Add chopped onion and fry till it becomes transparent. Add ground masala and fry for a while. When the oil separates, add the chopped tomatoes and fry till tomatoes are done. Add salt and the vegetables and stir for a few minutes. Add water, allow it to come to a boil for a few minutes. Add the rice and mix well. Next, add lime juice and adjust the salt content if required. Finally, add ghee and mix well .
Close the cooker and let the pulav cook for 3 whistles. If you are not using a cooker, allow the mixture to cook till done. Remove and mix well. Garnish with chopped coriander, croutons and fried cashews.
This Pulav is best enjoyed with a Raita. Here is a recipe for Cucumber Raita.


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