I love cooking for my family. When I began 50 years ago, I did not know anything about cooking. I learnt on the go after I got married. My husband being an Army Officer, I got to learn cuisines from various parts of our country. I learnt from books and our cooks, from my elders and all the wonderful people I met. My husband and my children encouraged me in my journey and I soon began to turn out dishes that were appreciated by all.
Throughout our Army tenure and later, I was fortunate to have had scores of people eat at our table and enjoy every morsel. The goal of each of my cooking sessions has been to provide my family with a nutritious meal that is both healthy and tasty and my attempts have always been rewarding. My cooking is low on spice and oil, yet tasty and nutritious.
I hail from Coorg, the Scotland of India, a land known for its coffee, its beautiful people and its Kodava food, in particular the Pork curry. On this blog, I’ll share with you recipes from my home town as well food from other parts of our vibrant country. I hope you enjoy cooking as much as I do.

Radha Ganapathy


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